Home Portrait

Home Portrait


Everyone has a special building they will always feel fondly about. Maybe it’s your own home, your green house, your parent’s house, your childhood wendy house, a monument, a shed or even the front of a particular shop - whatever it is, now’s your chance to immortalise that precious space in a painting!

On the 21st - 22nd August I will be painting for 24hours in The Lamb Pub, Surbiton to help raise money for a local charity. As a special offer for this event I am offering my Home Portraits for a discounted price of £40 (normally my commissions are £100+ depending on the subject) and I will be donating half of the profits to Creative Youth. Each painting will be oil on panel, approx 7” x 5” in size and will be painted during the 24hour event, so you’re welcome to come along and see your commission develop!

There are only 8 commission slots available so if you’d like one, please book your space now and email photographs of your chosen building to hello@debbiechessell.com

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