Zap Zap Handmade Jumper

After learning to knit and crochet at the age of 4, I’ve always been fascinated by making things from wool. Crochet in particular lends itself to sculptural, strange projects thanks to the ease at which one can create complex shapes - hence the rather eccentric jumper!

I created this garment by altering the shaping and ribbing of a second-hand jumper, then appliqueing it with handmade sections of crochet. Other than having a vague idea that I wanted a space ship zapping a house, the pattern was completely improvised - once I’d finished the shaping, I started from the base of the garment up and crocheted colour sections from to fit the landscape as I built it. All of the sections and beading are sewn on by hand.

I am planning to make many more of these jumpers covered in a wide array of scenes and subjects - keep an eye on my social media for more updates! Prices start from around £150 per garment and vary depending on the complexity of the design; if you are interested in purchasing a garment or commissioning a personalised one, please drop me an email at