First Floor Space Residency at Croydon Arts Store

During September and October of 2018, I was very kindly awarded a residency by the First Floor Space based in the Whitgift Centre, Croydon. The residency consisted of use of a fully kitted out studio for 5 weeks, followed by an exhibition in the gallery space on the top floor of the building.

The wave of gentrification sweeping through London is destroying well-established, much loved spaces and replacing them with unrecognisable, inaccessible environments. This shift is very prominently felt in Croydon and Hackney: two areas that are undergoing huge developments and becoming increasingly expensive. At the time of the residency the house I was lodging in was being sold; consequently, I used painting and relief printing to explore how we use ornamental objects to create a sense of home in the city’s transient surroundings. My final exhibition consisted of a series of paintings and lino prints hung on palettes covered with my own handmade wallpaper.

First Floor Space is an arts space running alongside Croydon Arts Store, managed by Art Halo, working with local Artists and organisations “to provide arts activity to our community.” For more information contact :

The exhibition was very kindly sponsored by Fourpure Brewery and Great Art - read more about them in the blog post linked below.

free lino workshop.png


To accompany the exhibition, I ran a free lino-printmaking workshop and taught ten people how to create their own lino prints at home.

This workshop was kindly sponsored by Great Art UK.

View photos from this workshop and view upcoming events here.

This exhibition was kindly sponsored by Fourpure Brewery - click on each of the beers they generously provided to read more about them.