Confronting Rape Culture funded by O2 Think Big

Confronting Rape Culture was a non-profit organisation founded and managed by Debbie Chessell between October 2016 and April 2017.

Project Aims:

  • Use creativity to make the discourse around rape culture more accessible

  • Provide a creative platform for minority artists and sexual assault victims of all genders

Chessell was granted funding by O2 Think Big in November. From this she created a team of over 50 international artists. She then orchestrated 4 events across Central London, a film (above) made by James Langely and Sam Harrison Kay and published 5 collaborative chapbooks with Sampson Low Ltd. Each of the events used unique mediums to address different aspect of rape culture and solidify that, among many things, rape is genderless and victims are not to blame in any way.

The project was a huge success:

  • Over 1,000 people attended the events

  • The chapbooks are currently sold on Amazon and across the south of England

  • The project’s digital presences reached over 10,000 people

  • The project was featured by leading anti-rape/feminist companies such as The Feminist Library and CUNTemporary

Confronting Rape Culture amplified rape culture’s space in everyday conversation, raising awareness of its deplorable effects. It helped fuel the growing movement of consent awareness and allowed many victims of oppression to have their voices heard.

To view more information about the project, click here.