Commission for the Carmen Birthing Centre at St George’s Hospital, Wimbledon

The Carmen Suite is a midwifery led birth centre within St George’s Hospital. Run by a team of midwives, their aim is to facilitate a normal birth experience in a home from home environment.  It is an ideal choice for many women and families who wish to avoid medical interventions and give birth naturally. The Carmen Suite offers an alternative to a home birth whilst still providing a safe and comfortable experience; it is ideal for women who want to give birth in water, remain active during labour and have their child in a calm and relaxed environment.

In 2016, I was commissioned by the Carmen Birthing Centre to create a series of artworks that helped emphasise the atmosphere they strive to create across their ward. I produced a series of photographic prints called ‘Liquid Lands’ that will be displayed in their water birthing room until 2021.