A Space Outside Your Mind Partnership with Mick’s Garage and Crate Brewery

In 2016, I collaborated with Mick’s Garage and Crate Brewery to run an exhibition featuring work by myself and 6 other artists in the mezzanine of their warehouse. The exhibition was called ‘A Space Outside Your Mind’ - each artist created works that were physical manifestations of their deep imagination. The exhibition included a myriad of surreal yet comforting pieces such as a bed covered in young sprouts of baby cress, delicate casts of old toys laid out on a rug, a performance work involving poetry and blackberries, soft embroideries and a thin sheet of fabric covered in hand typed memories resting in a pool of purple dye which slowly crept up the work.

I created a 10ft x 8ft geodesic dome lined with cardigans hand-stitched together, their sleeves hanging into the space either left as empty tubes, extended with hand made knitting or filled with strange objects.

Exhibiting artists: Debbie Chessell, Ant Stevens, Caitlin Newman, Faye Gal Harries, Poppy Dobson, Caitlin Hazel and Karen Dear.

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